SUNDAYS @ 9am or 10:30am

Weekly Men’s Bible Study

Taking time each week to study and discuss the Bible is so important for men to do. That is why we offer multiple weekly Bible Study options that cover a variety of topics all centered around the Bible.

We have two weekly meetings we'd love to see you at.

Monday evening at 6pm in the Conference Room at New Hope
Wednesday mornings at 6:30am in the Coffee House at New Hope


|man-ven-ture|: an adventure embarked upon with other men. Manventures are a great opportunity to build stronger relationships with other men here at New Hope through a shared adventure or outdoor activity.

Round Table

The term “round table meeting” symbolizes an informal meeting of men on equal terms. In New Hope’s Men’s Ministry, the roundtable is a weekly gathering where men look at a biblical attribute and how it relates to their life. The gatherings consist of 2-4 men meeting weekly to discuss a biblical attribute, pray for each other and talk about how to be stronger men of God.

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