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Connecting Through Adventure

It can be hard sometimes to build relationships with other men. Whether it is the demands of life or not knowing how there can be many obstacles in the way of men connecting with other men. That is why, at New Hope we have Manventures.

What is a Manventure? Here is a simple definition.|man-ven-ture|: an adventure embarked upon with other men.

We find it easier for men to grow side by side experiencing an adventure together. Our desire is to have different types of activities during a particular season that are designed for men to connect through a shared experience and outdoor activity. A Manventure can be but is not limited to fishing, hiking, pickleball, a bike ride, corn hole, board game, road trip, rock climbing, a walk, golf, or really any hobby or activity more than one man can participate in. Manvetures are seasonal and may vary based on the men who want to Facilitate a Manventure.

How To get involved

If you want to attend an upcoming Manventure click below to see what Manventures we have coming up
If you want to learn more about facilitating a Manventure click the link below, fill out your form, and our Manventure Guide will be in touch with you soon.