SUNDAYS @ 9am or 10:30am

Babies & Toddlers

What to expect

Our Baby/Toddler Team is equipped to care for your littlest ones. We recommend waiting until babies are able to sit up on their own, but we’re happy to care for them as soon as you are comfortable. Your child will be welcomed into a safe environment full of fun, music, and new friends. We have safe and age appropriate toys and activities designed just for babies thru 24 months. Our goal is for you to feel confident dropping off your child in our care. You’ll even be able to peek in and check on them through our one-way parent viewing windows.

Check out these ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ for specifics about our Baby and Toddler environments.

What We’re Discovering on Sundays this Month 

March 2024

Parent + Child Dedication

The Parent & Child Dedication experience is truly a parent commitment service. It's the parent's promise to offer their child to the Lord and to dedicate themselves to raising their child to know, follow and love Jesus.

We believe parents have the most influence with their kids and are responsible to disciple their children. It's this belief that moves us to focus on parents and children, when it comes to dedication.
The Dedication ceremony is a celebration that expresses gratitude for the gift of your child and makes public the mutual commitment between your family and our church community. It is not a ceremony that brings salvation to your child, and it is not in place of baptism later, once the child places their trust in Jesus.

Register at the link below to let us know you're interested in dedication and we'll be in touch with upcoming dates and information.