There are more changes that take place during a student's time in Middle School then any other season of life it seems. One week they are playing video games and eating Cheetos and the next they are asking complicated questions about something they heard in school. They grow like weeds, their voices change, their interests shift, and they begin to ask the important question "Who am I?" Because there are so many changes taking place we belive at New Hope Students that Middle School Ministry is a VITAL time to present the gospel and help students begin to answer those tough questions. As your Middle-Schooler begins to ask these questions there will be a plethora of places that they explore to find answers and our mission is that as a Student Ministry we would help lead them into a growing relationship God through that process. Here at New Hope we believe that the best way to make this happen is through relationships with friends and most importantly, other Christian adults. Which is exactly why once your student steps foot into our building they join a small group that will stick together all throughout their Middle and High School life!


Thursdays 6:30-8:00

Middle School Group has finally begun meeting in person for summer time! We are meeting every Thursday night in person from 6:30-8:00pm outside near the south entrance. Because we are gathering outside are NOT requiring students to wear masks but they are more than welcome to do so if they please. Our leadership team has been made aware of social distancing during group and are helping monitor students and ensuring safe practices. We do recommend that students who attend bring their own Bible, journal, blanket (or camp chair), and an extra layer in case of colder weather.

For more details on Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines for youth group click our link below “Covid-19 Student Ministry or contact Justin our Student Ministry Pastor at


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If your student isn’t able to attend group in person or if they’d like to stay connected in other ways besides our weekly gatherings we’d recommend they follow our multiple social media platforms. We are posting weekly updates, sermon recaps, reading plans, and much more. Click any of the links below and give us a follow and a like!


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What’s the point?

Have you ever wondered what’s the point when it comes to being a Christian? Why do we pray? Why do we need to read our Bibles so often? How come we raise our hands when we worship! Well, we’re going to help answer some of those questions in this new series. We hope that by having a better understanding of why we do certain things as Christians will help us all build a better foundation with our faith in Jesus!

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