New Hope’s Men’s Ministry exists to help lead men into a growing relationship with Jesus.


Manvotions are a weekly devotional for men. They are designed to encourage, inspire and motivate men to become Christ-like through there application of biblical principles. Each week you will receive an email with a video that contains a scriptural focus as well as a practical application. All Manvotionals will also be posted to the Men's Ministry Instagram and Facebook pages. Click the Join button if you would like to be a part of this email list.
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Men's Bible Study

Monday evenings, 6:30pm-8:00pm | Wednesday mornings, 6:45am-8:00am

In The Coffee House

by Andy Stanley

Humble shepherd. Giant-slayer. Gifted poet. Mighty warrior. Flawed man. Legendary leader.
In this 5-part series, Andy Stanley explores the life of one of history’s most famous kings.


Men’s Ministry


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