We are so glad that you are interested in hosting one of our Home Gatherings. The following is a brief description of what we envision for these gatherings and answer any questions you might have. As a Home Gathering, you’ll fellowship together, watch the online service together, and possibly discuss further as a group. We’ll add a few discussion questions each week that you, as a group, can chat about after watching the service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a Home Gathering formed and who will a part of my gathering?

It can be formed with those who are already a part of New Hope. Maybe you are currently in a small group, or a women’s group, or a men’s group, and you want to create a Home Gathering and start watching the service together. Or maybe you want to open your group to new people who you haven’t met before to allow those who aren’t currently in a group to join one…to join yours.
It can be formed with people who aren’t currently attending New Hope. Maybe you want to start a neighborhood Home Gathering. You probably have neighbors who would come over to your house for a community that wouldn’t be as comfortable coming to the church building. You can start a Home Gathering as an opportunity for you and your neighbors to fellowship together.

How do people sign up to be in my group?

Once the Home Hosts are set up online, people can sign up on our webpage. A brief description of each gathering will be provided which will allow people to join a group based on a desired location, time, or a gathering that includes kids. Each host will be notified by email when someone joins their group.

Can I invite who I want to my gathering instead of having an open sign up?

Yes. Each gathering has the option to be listed as a closed group that allows hosts to invite neighbors or friends to join without being public. If your group is listed as open, that will allow people to visit our website and sign up that way.

My home is not suited to host kids, can I just host a gathering with adults?

Yes. If groups would prefer to have gatherings with only adults the host can make that distinction and people who sign up will know that ahead of time.

Will there be a Kid’s Ministry experience offered for families who have children?

Yes, our Kids Ministry will provide a separate experience just for kids each week. The materials will be made available online for parents and hosts to access and use alongside the main adult service.

Will I have to provide a meal for the gathering?

That is entirely up to the host. We do not require hosts to provide meals or snacks. If your gathering would like to have a meal or snacks feel free to set up a rotation in which the other attendees can sign up to bring food. The host is highly encouraged to provide coffee, tea, or water for each gathering.

Will I have to host every Sunday?

We ask that hosts are able to meet 2 to 3 times a month. We understand that people will be traveling and going on vacations but we would like to be as consistent as possible.

What is the difference between a gathering and a small group meeting?

Gatherings are centered around our weekend worship service. The purpose is to allow our church family to get together in homes and experience our worship service during this unique time where we cannot gather in large groups. We don’t intend Home Gatherings to replace a New Hope Small Group meeting although small groups may choose to meet together as a Home Gathering in this time or in addition to their normal group meetings.

If I am having trouble streaming the service is there someone available to help me?

We will be available to provide some tech support for those who need it. Each home will need to have a high-speed internet connection and a screen big enough for the gathering to watch the service. We will not be able to provide equipment for groups but we can provide recommendations on equipment and advice on how to use it.