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Cars, football games, boring classes, and dances... just a few things that define moments in a high school student's life. Whether you are currently walking the halls or those days are a distant memory, it's not too hard to put yourself back in that tumultuous time of grand discovery in your life! WIth the challenges of high school in view we offer SWITCH HS. There are a lot of activities, clubs, and groups that students can be a part of in our culture today, but what makes SWITCH stand out? Well you need only ask our students and you'll find out that they don't come for flashy lights or gimmicks, wild parties and activities... they come because at SWITCH they are truly known. They come to connect on a deeper level to life's deepest struggles, questions, and vibrancy! There are not many other places where students can come, share their thoughts, dreams, fears, and struggles with their peers and leaders who love them, accept them, and help them process life. Here at SWITCH, the win is small group family, and with God's help we are winning every week. Join Us!

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When are we live?

As unfortunate as it is that we are unable to gather in person during this time we are incredibly blessed to have resources to do youth group online! We are currently hosting our Thursday (or Tuesday for H.S.) night youth group live from 6:00-6:30 on a variety of platforms. You can view us live on any of the below platforms:


Small Groups

We are putting a huge emphasis on students and leaders staying connected with their small groups during this time. Each small group is meeting in their own unique online way and we want to make sure everyone has a way to get connected. If you haven’t been able to get connected with your small group please contact Justin at to do so!




If we really stop and pay attention, it’s easy to see how nearly everything and everyone around us has the potential to have an effect on us. and if that’s true, then that means you have the potential to have an effect on the world around you! From family to classmates to neighbors, we all have an effect on someone around us. So how can we use that influence to bring others and even ourselves closer to God?


High School Events


One of the biggest moments in a students life is graduating from High School and beginning the new chapter of adulthood. This moment is one that is remembered and celebrated by many but looks very different this year. This is why we at New Hope Church have decided to host a Drive-In Graduation service for our New Hope Seniors! 
The service will be held at New Hope Church from 3:30-5:00pm. We would also like to note that all are welcome to attend but we will only have students who have attended New Hope join us on stage. That being said we will be celebrating all seniors that wish to attend but a special time will be dedicated to those who attend New Hope Church. Invite your friends, families, and others who would like to join and celebrate the class of 2020.


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