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Cars, football games, boring classes, and dances... just a few things that define moments in a high school student's life. Whether you are currently walking the halls or those days are a distant memory, it's not too hard to put yourself back in that tumultuous time of grand discovery in your life! WIth the challenges of high school in view we offer SWITCH HS. There are a lot of activities, clubs, and groups that students can be a part of in our culture today, but what makes SWITCH stand out? Well you need only ask our students and you'll find out that they don't come for flashy lights or gimmicks, wild parties and activities... they come because at SWITCH they are truly known. They come to connect on a deeper level to life's deepest struggles, questions, and vibrancy! There are not many other places where students can come, share their thoughts, dreams, fears, and struggles with their peers and leaders who love them, accept them, and help them process life. Here at SWITCH, the win is small group family, and with God's help we are winning every week. Join Us!

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Tuesday Evening Series 6:30-8pm

Summer Stories

This summer we are sharing our stories of how God is working and moving in our lives. We spend a significant amount of time creating stories together as well as we have a blast doing various activities!

Sunday Morning 10:30-12pm

Coffee and Worship

Sunday’s are all about community and worshiping together. We gather together in the Coffee House for free espresso and donuts, then we go to the main worship service together. Hope you can join our experience!


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