New Hope Home Gatherings

Think of them as watch parties in homes with groups of people who you can experience our online church service with. The elements of church we love and miss so much can happen again. Fellowship and meeting with other people, laughing together, enjoying each other’s presence… Those can happen again in Home Gatherings.
As a Home Gathering, you’ll fellowship together, watch the online service together, and possibly discuss what you heard together. We’ll add a few discussion questions each week that you, as a group, can chat about after watching the service.

We provide a fun, age-specific, Biblical Sunday experience for kids in Preschool thru Preteens. Check out the videos, activities, and parent resources by clicking the button below for more details and links!

New Hope Kids Online
Join A Gathering

Home Gatherings are now open!

Host A Gathering

As a host, you’ll open your home, lead some discussion, and provide a place to watch the online service with a group. Click here to learn more about this important role as we re-engage gathering as a church in homes together.

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Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.