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Life is crazy... like really crazy... like EPIC crazy, and that is what EPIC Young Adults is all about. 18 - 30 years of age is a wild time of discovering what the world is actually all about, what becoming an independent adult looks like, and how following God fits and fuses all that we do. We love examining, trying to harness and appreciate all this wild EPIC world, life, and existence has to offer! Come make us a part of your journey and we'll promise you'll be glad you did!

Sunday Evenings, Coffee opens at 5:30, Services 6-7pm

Who I Am

It is easy to forget that our lives aren't just isolated, narrow events. Our lives add to a story that is greater than our days, greater than our weeks, greater than us! Our life and creation was designed and intended, minute by minute to glorify God and to exemplify His character. When we live according to God's purpose we glorify His name and reflect His glory. There is nothing more inspiring and encouraging than hearing, seeing, and experiencing these stories from those around us. Come join us this month to hear these stories and be challenged to become a part of His ever-expanding story.

Adult Events

  • Habitat
  • Beth Moore Tour
  • Man Camp
  • Pine Ridge Partnership
  • startingpoint
  • Summer Book Club
  • Women's build day
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