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Life is crazy... like really crazy... like EPIC crazy, and that is what EPIC Young Adults is all about. 18 - 30 years of age is a wild time of discovering what the world is actually all about, what becoming an independent adult looks like, and how following God fits and fuses all that we do. We love examining, trying to harness and appreciate all this wild EPIC world, life, and existence has to offer! Come make us a part of your journey and we'll promise you'll be glad you did!

Sunday Evenings, Coffee opens at 5:30, Services 6-7pm

Building Blocks

Our lives are composed of many things: our identity, our values and beliefs, our families, past, present and futures... Just as we build our lives, we are also constantly building our faith and trust in something... on something, but what? Come discuss what it looks like to build our lives on a FIRM foundation, as well as what it looks like to discern and construct our lives with the true and right building blocks of our faith. Come learn what it looks like to grow your faith, founded on the only true rock and foundation, Jesus Christ. Hope to see you soon!

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  • EPIC Young Adults Winter Retreat
  • The Marriage Course
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