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Chuck Hill

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Chuck was born in Lakeview, Oregon. His family moved from there when he was six and he grew up mostly on the Oregon Coast, with some time in Portland and two years in Iran during the late 1960’s.
In his early career, he worked in Oregon, California, Washington and Alaska as a commercial fisherman, welder and a roughneck. He married Jana in 1988 (I know— you’re thinking what did she ever see in him?), and finished a Mechanical Engineering degree in 1992. He and his family moved to Bend in 2000 to work for a startup company making hydrogen fuel cell systems.
Chuck & Jana have three adult children, Ian, Amy, Page; and Damien who is in junior high school.
In addition to serving on the Pastor-Parish Committee, Chuck has served as a volunteer in Senior High ministry since 2000. He met the Lord when he was in High School, and has a passion for helping young people know and understand biblical truths that apply to their situation.
Besides church activities, family and work, Chuck enjoys working on projects that involve building, fixing or improving something.


B.S. Mechanical Engineering Technology, Oregon Institute of Technology Licensed Professional Engineer in Oregon and Washington